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The Ultimate SEO Guide
Outrank the Big Brands on Google? Yes, You Can.
In Wordtracker’s new e-book, “SEO for Profit,” you’ll discover:

* How to build a top-ranking site from the ground up
* What Google's Panda update really means for you
* How to quickly identify your top moneymaking keywords
* Secrets for creating content the search engines will love
* How to effectively monitor and measure your SEO efforts

More Consumers Are Turning to Google Before Buying

When it comes to making buying decisions today, more people are using search engines than ever before. In fact, a staggering 89% of consumers research online for offline purchases (Source: ComScore).

And the internet is still in its youth. So if you think online business looks big now, just wait — because it’s only going to get bigger.

We live in an increasingly web-savvy world in which people are accessing the web not only from their home computers, but also from their iPads, smartphones, laptops and more. Merchants have the unprecedented opportunity to engage consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout their day.

So what’s the problem?

Although more people are researching products and services online, getting noticed by these consumers is becoming more and more difficult. Competition is fiercer than ever. Big brands have huge resources at their disposal — and they’re spending billions of dollars a year in the race to the top of the search engine results. (Google websites earned $12.1 billion in search and display ad revenues for the first six months of 2011, according to eMarketer.)

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you may think you don’t have the budget or resources to go toe-to-toe with bigger competitors. You might wonder if it’s worthwhile to invest time and money in an SEO strategy when you’re a rather small fish in a seemingly big pond.
But Here’s the Good News …

Small businesses have a distinct advantage over big brands in that they’re much more nimble. Meaning, instead of getting caught up in the red tape typical of larger, slow-moving organizations, a small business can act quickly to capitalize on new trends and position their site for success in the search engines.

To beat the big brands at the SEO game, all you need is the right SEO knowledge and a clear plan of attack.

And we’re giving you both in Wordtracker’s latest e-book. Read on to learn more!
Introducing a Step-by-Step Roadmap to Profitable SEO

Wordtracker has teamed up with SEO expert Mark Nunney to create “SEO for Profit” –- the ultimate addition to your online marketing toolkit, whether you’re new to search engine optimization or a seasoned pro.

This intuitive guide combines real-world examples, screenshots and checklists to help you quickly grasp the key concepts of SEO and apply them to your own website. The book explains what makes search engines like Google really tick — and how you can optimize your site to gain their favor. You'll learn:

* All about Google's Panda update — and what it means for you
* How much time and money you should really be investing in SEO
* The SEO obstacles you're likely to face — and how to surmount them
* How to set up high-converting pay per click (PPC) landing pages
* The secrets to creating quality content (lots of it)
* The ins and outs of effective link building

After reading “SEO for Profit,” you'll be equipped with the most up-to-date SEO information available — and be one step ahead of the crowd.

Mark Nunney has used his guru-level expertise to help countless companies grow their revenue through strategic search engine marketing. His usual daily rate for SEO consulting is in the thousands of dollars range. So when you consider that Mark has channeled over 10 years of hands-on experience and insight into “SEO for Profit,” it’s easy to see that this book is worth its weight in gold!
A Sneak Peek at What’s Inside the Book

“SEO for Profit” is split into three easy-to-follow parts. Here’s a quick look at the valuable information Mark covers in each section.
Part One (Chapters 1-4): Search Engines and SEO

When you dig into Part One, you’ll discover:

* How search engine algorithms really work — and what Google won’t tell you about its process for indexing pages.
* The increasing importance of social media (including Facebook and Twitter) — in determining search engine search results.
* The vital role that inbound links, linking text, and link building play in SEO.
* Why quality content — and your users' behavior once they reach your site — are now paramount to growing your search traffic.
* The five core steps of effective SEO — keyword research, planning your site structure, creating quality content, creating quality links, and monitoring your results — and why each is imperative to high rankings.

You'll get an inside look at ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’ SEO approaches — and the serious risks involved in breaching Google's guidelines.

Mark also tells you how to get the most benefit from your SEO activity by making sure it's integrated with your editorial, design, branding, offline marketing, PPC advertising, and public relations activities.
Part Two (Chapters 5-13): The Principles of SEO for Profit

After reading this section of the book, you’ll have a better grasp of:

* How to estimate your future revenue potential to determine exactly how much time and effort you should be investing in SEO.
* Why single keywords rarely deliver enough visits — and how to target groups of ‘long tail’ keywords instead for phenomenal results.
* How to find the keywords that are already bringing you excellent search results and build on their success.
* How to effectively measure your response rates to gauge the true impact of your SEO efforts.
* Why Google is now penalizing sites with low quality content — and how to avoid being “slapped” by this Panda update!
* The importance of branding, user behavior and social signals — and how to use these elements to improve your rankings.
* The skills that are absolutely critical to your SEO success.

Mark also explains some of the frustrating obstacles you're likely to face in your SEO endeavors — and gives you tips on getting around these obstacles with ease.

Part Three (Chapters 14-24): The SEO Process

In Part Three of “SEO for Profit,” you’ll unearth powerful yet practical tips that will help you work faster and more effectively when optimizing your site for the search engines. Read these chapters and discover:

* How to find a site's strengths and weaknesses with an SEO audit — and identify the untapped opportunities in your market.
* How to swiftly pinpoint those first target keywords for a new site, so you can get it up and running and start attracting your first visitors.
* The tools and techniques essential to profitable SEO — plus a technical SEO checklist so you can check for problems on your site that might be reducing the number of visits. Learn how to:
o Set up clean, Google-friendly URLs
o Create paginated content
o Create SEO-friendly tracking to monitor your visitors
o Set up a site map so Google and Bing can find your content
o Use a robots.txt file to stop Google from visiting certain pages
o Create faster-loading pages
o Deal with broken links, redirects and more
o Set up Google Analytics tracking to measure visitor behavior
o Increase your clickthrough rates on Google

* How to find and prioritize the keywords you're targeting using two primary keyword research tools from Google and Wordtracker.
* How to set up high-converting PPC landing pages — so you can find out whether visitors are interested in what your site's offering.
* How to test the popularity and responsiveness of your chosen keywords (no more wasting time optimizing your site for keywords that won't convert!).
* How to plan a rock-solid SEO strategy for an existing site using the valuable data obtained from organic search visits.
* How to create an SEO-friendly site structure and navigation from the ground up (get it wrong and you could spend years clearing up the mess!).
* How to create engaging articles, videos, games and widgets that support your site's optimization and attract visitors. Find out how to:
o - Choose a content management system suited to your site's needs
o - Create flagship content that sells your site
o - Create long tail content that attracts visits
o - Optimize individual pages and images

* Build a solid link building strategy (if any piece of work is the most important part of SEO, this is it!).

The final chapter of “SEO for Profit” helps you tie everything together and measure the impact of all your hard work. You'll then be able to feed your results back into your SEO planning and fine-tune future efforts. Because good SEO never stops.

We’ve even added a juicy bonus to the book — an Appendix that lists the good, the bad and the ugly of selecting a content management system. Hand-compiled by Mark Nunney himself, this list will prevent you from overspending on a poor quality CMS — and save you countless hours in research time!
4 Reasons You Need to Start Optimizing Your Site Today

Each day you delay in starting SEO makes success more difficult — and more expensive —to achieve. Think of SEO as a gold rush. To get your hands on that bright, gleaming gold you need to perform well in the search engine results. Start early, and you’ll improve your chances of “striking it rich.”

Here are four compelling reasons to get your SEO efforts in gear:

Reason #1. To succeed in SEO, you must create unique, quality content. As more companies realize this, the bar for content is raised (and so is the cost of creating it). The sooner you start developing outstanding content, the easier your SEO efforts will be.

Reason #2. Increasingly, SEO success is influenced by your social media presence. Your site needs mentions and links from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as from specialist sites in your market to help gain traction in Google — but it takes time, money and effort to create the networks you need. As more companies discover this truth, the amount of work needed to compete will increase. So the sooner you start promoting and networking on social sites, the easier it will be.

Reason #3. If your site is to rank well, you need quality links. Good links are expensive to acquire, whether you risk buying them or earn them by creating great content. For instance, a link from a national newspaper might cost $10,000! Every day you wait, your competitors are investing in building quality links. So the sooner you start building your link profile, the easier and cheaper it will be to compete.

Reason #4. The strong get stronger. Once you reach the pinnacle of search engine listings, you gain momentum that generates more positive results. For example, journalists looking for a story are more likely to approach companies that appear on Page 1 of Google. And their stories are likely to include free links.

“SEO for Profit” is designed to help you get to the top of the search engine results so you, too, can reap the many rewards of strategic SEO. And perhaps — just perhaps — you'll strike business gold.
Who is This Book For?

“SEO for Profit” was created for people of all levels of ability and involvement in online marketing. Below is just a sampling of those who will benefit from the information contained inside:

* Freelance SEOs working on their own
* SEOs working in an agency
* Small business owners and managers
* Marketing managers with responsibility for the whole marketing mix
* Web designers and agencies who want to incorporate SEO best practice into new and existing sites

This book is a must-have for absolutely anyone interested in learning how to get more website traffic, higher conversions, and increased sales and profits for their business!

Learn From a Longtime Master of SEO

Mark Nunney, the author of “SEO for Profit,” is a sought-after consultant who has been blazing the SEO trail since 2000. Mark is CEO of The Website Marketing Company, a UK-based SEO firm, as well as the publisher of, a business management website. During his impressive career, Mark has helped thousands of clients — from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations — strengthen their brands and exponentially grow their online presence.

And we’re not the only ones singing Mark’s praises. Here’s what some of his clients have said about this book and more ...

I read SEO for Profit this past week and couldn't put it down. I read it at every chance I could find while traveling last week for the holidays. I am new to SEO and really not a computer person, but read a lot about different subjects like lead-gen, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Your book really brought everything I've read into one clear picture. I picked up tons of great ideas and left feeling like I could have success by working hard at SEO.

Again, I really, really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone from beginners like me to established pursuers of SEO (while reading I could reference several mistakes made by people who are already doing really well at SEO).
- Brandon Jozwiak,

"Thank you so much for that info, Mark! It has REALLY opened my eyes for what I am trying to achieve."
- Bryant,

"As a new webmaster who just launched my first website, I think Mark’s SEO advice is the best I have ever come across."
- Sara,

"Thank you a million times over, again, for taking the time to put this information out there for us small businesses that cannot yet afford to pay experts to do our SEO. You are great!"
- Shayla,

"Mark delivers excellent tips that couldn't be simpler to understand, to the point and full of common sense."
- Chuck Brooks,

"Not only does Mark know everything there is to know about SEO, he is also an online marketing expert with huge amounts of energy. If you ask Mark to come up with one idea, he'll come up with ten - all of them good. He has helped us grow our online business tremendously over the last six years.”
- Mark Edwards,

At 329 pages, “SEO for Profit” is Wordtracker’s biggest book ever, featuring page after page of excellent advice from an industry-leading pro. It’s everything you ever wanted and needed to know about search engine optimization, all in one compact guide. All you have to do is put the information to use.

Remember: a profitable SEO strategy is a gift that keeps on giving. It's easy to attract traffic with PPC — but the moment you stop investing your hard-earned cash, your traffic simply disappears. On the other hand, if you invest in SEO, you'll continue to attract traffic for FREE, day after day, year after year!

With SEO, time is of the essence. The strong sites get stronger every day, gaining better rankings and greater market share … while the weak get left behind. Which category do you want to be in?

If you were to hire Mark Nunney to give you personal SEO advice and guidance, you’d pay thousands of dollars just for a few hours of his time.

The book is immediately downloadable as a PDF.
Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

As with all of our e-books, we’re confident you’ll love “SEO for Profit.” However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the book, just let us know — and Wordtracker will cheerfully refund your money at any point within 30 days of purchase. Absolutely no questions asked!

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